Many people are disillusioned with giving to charity. Although a great number of people would like to help someone in need, there have been a number of scandals surrounding established charities. This can mean that you may not necessarily feel confident that the money you donate will actually get to the people you are trying to support. However, the development of the internet has provided a great opportunity for a number of platforms to establish a way to help others in a more direct manner.

How the Internet Can Help You to Help Someone in Need:

These specific internet sites and platforms have been set up to allow people looking to help someone in need make a direct impact on their lives. While you may not know of a family struggling in your neighborhood, these sites can highlight people in your area who need a helping hand. The way it works is simple. People looking for assistance can make a post on the site which shows what they need and why they need it, donors can then choose to make a donation towards their goal or agree to make a monthly payment to provide financial assistance. For example, you may be a parent who has recently moved out of a hostel. While you are looking to get back on your feet and managing to cover your basic expenses with your employment or benefits, you cannot afford to furnish your child’s room with a bed or mattress. Although this is a small amount of money, it could mean the difference between paying rent or utilities and ensuring that the child is comfortable. However, with this type of platform, people can seek to assist you with a donation to fund or partially fund your purchase.

Other Needs Which Can Be Helped:

These types of sites allow people to post about their need for basic furniture, vehicles to travel to and from work or even a computer to gain qualifications to improve their employment prospects through an online course. While these items seem like very basic expenses for many of us, for someone in need, this can be a life changing opportunity. For families on a fixed restricted income, finding the money for a vehicle or computer can seem like a million miles away. However, several people making a small donation can easily fund the purchase. This will enable the person to have the freedom to help themselves in the future, by gaining greater employment prospects. In this challenging economy, this can mean that even a small donation could make all the difference to someone less fortunate than yourself. Not only could you benefit from a tax break for your charitable donation, but you will have the pleasure of knowing you have made a real difference to help someone in need.

If you would like to help someone in need or require financial assistance, contact us. Our platform is designed to help those in need highlight their need to donors looking to help. We would be happy to answer any of your questions or queries and help you to ensure that your kind donation reaches those who really need it.